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Link here for more information: It makes me sad how there are so many Korean events around me like the one above, but because I don't drive I miss the opportunities to go to them and enjoy more of the culture that my parents just don't understand! I went to a Korean grocery store once but my mom was in a rush to get out since it was crowded, I only got to see 1/4 of the store and didn't have a chance to get what I REALLY wanted. I've asked her to take me again and actually let me look through thoroughly, but she gets mad! And every time my parents takes me and my brothers out to eat, my dad always says, "Only cuz we're going out doesn't mean we're gonna go to those Korean restaurants you want to go to." and it makes me mad when he keeps mocking me with that! He thinks it's funny but it angers me... I swear, if my parents taught me how to drive and get my licence quicker, I would go to Houston EVERYDAY just to get a taste of Korea Town (which is fairly small) and drag my friends everywhere in Korea Town while jammin' to some K-Pop! The struggles of having unsupportive parents when it comes to trying new things....
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I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time to enjoy what you like and for not having supportive parents. There is no way ypu can go there by bus or with a friend that does drive??
Same here! @wllmvns
@LJoonie the buses here where I live don't go too far and I have friends who drive but have no interest to go too far
Oh I see ..ugh then it is hard :(
@LJoonie I just asked my mom again and she said she'll think about it. But Imma convince them by saying how a friend wants to go too