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Photos from KURA-rin over at deviantart. These dope cosplayers perfectly encapsulate the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth, Sting (the blonde) and Rogue (the brunette). They even got Frosch (the green cat wearing the pink thing) and Lector (the red cat) in there!
These guys really went all out with their cosplay!
The photography here is also definitely on point. The photographer made great use of focus to bring the details of the cosplay into sharp display. The contrast of the two dynamic outfits with the background and its level colors and hues makes for a great starkness.
They even took the time to get the Sabretooth seal on the cape! Ahh, if only I could get to cosplay like this.
Ahh, some day maybe!
I really love how effortless their expression are!!! The hardest part of cosplaying for me is actually posing well for photos XD
Let's do it. Who should we cosplay next?? This is really cool. They're two of my favorite characters and I haven't seen a lot of cosplayers take them on. The costumes really are pretty perfect!!