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Imagine you are surrounded by a lovely aura, a cloud that follows you as you walk and go about your day. This cloud can mix into other people’s clouds, and spread out real fast. And! This cloud is full of bacteria that comes from your skin and farts.
According to a paper published last week in the journal PeerJ on microbes, we now have a better understanding of the personal microbial bubble.
“In a single centimeter of skin, you can find thousands of bacteria,” says James Meadow, former University of Oregon researcher and co-author of the paper.

“The world is covered in a fine patina of feces.”


Every time you burp, fart, scratch your head, sneeze, or even say “hello!” to your friend, you are adding to this little globe of bacteria surrounding you.
Oh! And here’s the best part. You get to chill and mix with other people’s fart clouds. Your friends, family members, and coworkers are all added to the concoctions of your own bubble. When you walk by someone and I breeze picks up their bubble, you get some too.


Here’s the cool part of the bubble though: microbial clouds varied significantly from person to person. They also found that different people shed microbes at different rates. So your cloud is unique to YOU.
And because humans have their own unique personal cloud, it is essentially another human fingerprint that we leave behind. So now crime scene investigators can use microbial residue to track down criminals. It’s FECESble!

Anyone else blown away by this knowledge? (get it, fart jokes.)

I will forever imagine people in little aura’s of disgust. Well friends, you may go about your day. (You’re welcome)
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I really wish I hadn't opened this card.
Hahaha why does everyone hate learning about their own fart bubbles? ;) @kmccord95
@nicolejb It just really grosses me out to know that I have a cloud of bacteria surrounding me that mixes with other people's clouds of bacteria. Especially since I know how unclean some people are. 😖
But it’s also healthy bacteria! haha your body needs it to get better :) not sure if that helps, but it’s a bit comforting. haha @kmccord95
Learn something new everyday.. this one was a bit awkward, but cool nonetheless! lol. A Fart bubble.. well I'll be damned..