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This is probably the coolest thing to have ever happened under the sea!

Jon Hamm is spoofing Draper's ultra cool character with the goofiest sea sponge around.
According to People magazine, Hamm will take Bikini Bottom by storm as "Don Grouper" who uses his charm and tact to no doubt goad Spongebob and co into a less-than-perfect business venture.
He'll visit the Krusty Krab as an AD agent from the firm "Grouper, Gobi and Koi."
Any Mad Men fan will realize that this is a direct reference to the ever changing partnership of Sterling Cooper, Draper, Price which anchored the hit show.
Mr.Krabs enlists Grouper to help brand his new line of "Frozen Krabby Patties."
Selling Krabby Patties is like selling ice to a Polar bear right? At least for Don Grouper it is!
...That's his eager face.
Spongebob airs on Nickelodeon Fridays at 7P.M.

Are you pumped!?

@danidee I'm more of a Joan myself, but Peggy is really cool
Your two favorites in one place.Your in heaven Tess Stevens
Yessss, Joan is rad too!
If only Peggy got a cameo too!
hahahah Don is the man, and so is Spongebob.
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