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Want gorgeous, glowing skin? Turn to the last place you expected – fall superhero, PUMPKIN SPICE.

Did you know pumpkin is great for your skin? I didn't. But check it, homies – it's got tons of antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids, which exfoliate and moisturize your skin while providing it with lots of vital nutrients. And apples, which also get involved in this ultimate fall skincare mask, have lots of natural fruit acids to buff away dead skin cells. Plus, it smells like a delicious pie you can smear on your face – yes please!! Oh, and I found this recipe on HelloNatural :)

All you need is...

1/2 green apple
1/4 cup pumpkin puree
1 tablespoon honey
1 to 2 tablespoons milk
Dash of cinnamon
Peel apple. Core, chop into pieces, and place into blender with pumpkin. Blend to a smooth consistency, then pour into a bowl. Stir in honey and milk.
Apply liberally to face and neck, avoiding eye area. You can store the extra in the fridge in a sealed airtight container for up to two weeks. And YES, it's edible – so alternate plan, add a dash of cinnamon and enjoy a yummy snack!!

Know any pumpkin spice fiends who would enjoy this?

I WANT TO DO THIS!!!! It looks so good for your skin. I break out around the same time each month and it gets so annoying. This looks like a good remedy for that. I love those thick face masks because you can really feel them working!
@TessStevens absolutely!! this one's great because it covers your face in the rich, moisturizing vitamins your skin craves. I wonder if your regular breakouts are related to your cycle? I read that the hormonal changes us ladies go through related to our periods can be the source of breakouts!
@TessStevens I feel you - I have some pretty severe hormonal imbalances that cause my skin to break out in an endless cycle (I've tried multiple medications to help this; no luck...). @allischaaff This looks so amazing! I bet it smells absolutely fantastic, too! I have started to get into home facials, and this would be a great moisturizing mask! I am definitely going to try it next time we get into town for groceries!
Love this, never heard of it but will definitely be trying it out this week.
nice one