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This moment from Pixar's Finding Nemo had to be one of the more emotional bits throughout the whole movie. I remember watching it in the theaters with a younger cousin of mine and my nephew. I'm unsure if they were feeling the same feelings that I had while Dory was saying all this stuff but it resonated with me.
I mean, I don't understand the world Pixar lives in where two different species of fish can fall in love with each other but I was already with it. I had bought in. And I felt gross or maybe I was upset that I didn't know what that felt like.
It's been years since I first saw this movie in the theater and I still feel kind of shitty whenever I revisit this clip (the same way I did two seconds ago looking for the clip to put into the card). I've yet to find someone that makes me feel the way Dory feels about Marlin.
And part of me, you know, thinks that maybe I shouldn't spend my mid/late-twenties the same way I spent my late-teens/early-twenties. Maybe I should focus on myself before I put anyone else into the mix again.
But I have this weird feeling, that maybe, if I had someone next to me while I try and excel in everything I do, it'll make my successes better than they would be now. I mean, doesn't everyone want someone to share their experiences with? Doesn't everyone want someone to be proud of them? I don't know.
I don't know why I hope this but I do, I hope that I find someone that feels like home. I hope I have someone to share my problems, goals, and achievements with. But until then, I'll continue to feel really bitter whenever I watch this part of Finding Nemo.
I reread that post and felt it might be taken differently then intended. So clarification was needed. I am by nature a control freak. I love plans, lists, schedules, so by in large Yea Plans!!!! But there comes a point where you get so bogged down in the focus on your life's destination that you missed the journey. You have things right now in your life to be happy about. Maybe taking some time to focus on them will give you the perspective to come at your goal another way. Or you may even find that your dreams were close by but took a form you were not allowing yourself to see. Hopefully that helps, best wishes!
Understandable. But here's a crazy idea. I do not know how long you have committed to your plan but your post seems to be an indication that it's not working. Make a new plan. Maybe it's time to mix it up. Come at the problem from a new angle. Just a thought.
You are right everyone wants this. But till that day comes for you with another. Be that person for yourself, that way you are always home within. Then find a place to include and share with another when that time is right. That way you make them better too.
@Swhitta thanks so much for your words. ive never been too much of a planner though. but i think youre right. maybe i should focus on the journey instead of the destination im trying so hard to reach
@Swhitta i can only hope that i find a home at some point in my life. i've been (metaphorically) passing through towns, knocking on doors, and hoping someone will give me a place to stay.