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Do you enjoy people watching while sitting at a cafe window, an outdoor restaurant, or on a public park bench? So do we!
We decided to make a little new series of videos showing what everyday people look like in various areas of Seoul. You can see the fashion people are wearing, who's hot and sexy, who's doing what as they walk by, etc. It's people watching, but through YouTube! ^^
So in this video, while Marie and I were out having an adventure in the heavy rains, we decided to get indoors to warm up with some coffee in a local cafe in an area of Seoul known as Gyeongnidan (경리단). There was a nice big window, so we decided it was a good time to try out our new video idea.
Gyeongnidan has many gastro pubs, craft breweries, cafes, and unique restaurants that bring many young Koreans to the area almost everyday! People watching in these areas is what people enjoy doing while eating delicious foods, drinking coffee, or having a nice beer. It's the thing to do in this area!
If you enjoy this video, please tell us why in the comments below. Or please tell us what you think in general! We are curious to know if this is something you'd like to see more of, in many other popular areas of Seoul!
This was filmed with my Sony a7s and Samyang 35mm T1.5 Cine lens.
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Sony a7s (Body only):
Samyang 35mm T1.5 Cine Lens:
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