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I think The Wrestler is one of the first movies I watched with friends that ended in all of us in tears. Especially this scene here (below). It resonated with all of us. We understood the feeling of wishing that there was something else, or something more, that we could have done to impact a life close to ours.
None of us had kids (we still don't) at the time and I'm not really sure why this scene hit us so hard. Maybe we were at an age where we wanted that talk from our own fathers that weren't all that there. Or maybe there was a nephew, niece, or younger cousin that we wish we could have been there for when they needed it most.
I'm still unsure. But every time I watch this scene I think of everyone in my life that I let down. And part of me wishes that I could meet up with all of those people and maybe apologize. And you know what?
That's probably some self-serving shit that I need to work out on my own. And it probably wouldn't help anyway. One of the things that this scene reminds me of whenever I revisit it, is the fact that I should try to be good to people while I'm in the moment.

I've spent way too long being shitty to people and wishing I could fix it instead of actually being nice to them.