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I honestly don't remember anything I've studied in school or for that matter, college!!!
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so true
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@mistymaity There are SO many steps to all of it! That's why I think we forget it. And unless we need to use it all again, we will replace that area of knowledge with what we DO need to use on regular basis.
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My son's a little slow in studies compared to his friends. Though he knows a lot of things & answers correctly when asked nicely but if he gets scolded at, he becomes dumb!! And his teachers rather than being patient with him, sometimes behave rudely making him all the more confused!! He's very intelligent & logical but sadly not always understood in his school!! And he's only 4 & half yrs old!!
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Yes @ButterflyBlu, u r right! We only remember what we use regularly!
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So true!
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