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I honestly don't remember anything I've studied in school or for that matter, college!!!
so true
@mistymaity There are SO many steps to all of it! That's why I think we forget it. And unless we need to use it all again, we will replace that area of knowledge with what we DO need to use on regular basis.
So true!
@ButterflyBlu I really enjoyed doing Calculus & Differential equations back in school but now I don't think I can do even a single step!!!! I haven't tried though but m sure I forgot everything!!
@mistymaity Yes ma'am. I think about this a lot, since I homeschool my son. We (parents) even take classes - mostly online - about how to teach to make sure our students maintain information. I wish a couple of my high school teachers had taken these classes, too... (***Please, nobody throw anything at me!!***) Because the one and only B I ever made was in my very last math class senior year! Don't even ask me how to do Integral/Linear Calculus and Differential Equations now. :'( I freaking hate math.
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