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Something that breaks my brain a little bit is thinking about the amount of people I've met in my life. I'm only in my mid-to-late twenties but when I try to think of all the people I've talked to or shared a drink with it starts to become a little muddled up. I can't really put a definite number on it.
And when I read F. Scott Fitzgerald's quote above, I'm reminded of the fact that I do meet new people and speak with them everyday but I'll never really know if I impacted them or if I didn't. The arrogant side of me hopes that I "change their lives" but I know that's not the case with every single person I meet. But it can be the case for some.
But the realistic side of me hopes that I meet one person or affect just one person enough to think about things a little differently or feel less alone. A lot of the reason I've been consistently writing things on the Internet (I like to blog, what do you want me to say? I'm in my 20s?) is because I not-so-secretly hope that I could connect with one person.
But even still, I won't know if I will or won't affect change in somebody.
@nicolejb i think thats an important thing to remember. telling people how you feel when youre feeling that way instead of waiting
I think that’s the scary and great part of not knowing where you are in people lives. But I also think that’s the magic part. people have to tell each other what they mean to them and where they are in their lives...