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I'm so glad that @allischaaff tagged me in this challenge because I feel like I was having this conversation with @buddyesd and @InPlainSight sometime last week.

I have some pretty bizarre dealbreakers, but they still remain dealbreakers! Call me picky, but here they are.

Shoulder/Back Massages

I know. This is probably weird to a lot of you who really appreciate the tension-relieving that a good back or shoulder rub can bring, but I just hate being touched there. I'm not sure why, but it creeps me out beyond reason.

Calls/Texts Too Much

I hate feeling like I'm obligated to be someone's sole source of entertainment just because we're dating. Because of this, whenever a guy texts me or calls me too much, I start getting super turned off. Go make some friends! Get some hobbies! Be free!

Makes Rude Comments About Other's Bodies

Whether it's my body or any of our friends' bodies, it's childish to be making fun of anyone without a 100% ideal body type. An ex-boyfriend lost a lot of weight when he was a teenager, which made him feel entitled to judge other people's sizes, and THAT IS NOT OKAY.

Close-Minded About New Cultures & Experiences

I love learning about different cultures, studying foreign languages, and eating international cuisines - the more 'adventurous', the better. Spice wimps, vegans, and guys who can't turn off their 'America is the best!' for a little while and try something different need not apply.
(Also, look at this dude posing with his paella. He fucking love his paella. Happiest paella-eating boyfriend of all time.)

Hates Going To Museums

As a Museum Studies major, creativity is pretty much my life. It's okay if you're not an artist yourself, and you don't have to LOVE museums, but you have to at least be open to going to museums with me once in a while. They're some of my favorite places to be!

Lies Compulsively

I'm a lenient girl. I can understand if you've said a little lie here or there. When you first want to impress someone, you beef up your 'boyfriend resume' a bit, and things can get a little exaggerated. But don't make it a habit, okay?
So those are my dealbreakers! @InPlainSight @AimeeH @Taijiotter @MissB82, you guys should do this next!!
@allischaaff Thank you, thank you. I love all these Love & Relationship challenges because I feel like it helps me showcase how awkward I am to date.
@InPlainSight Want to know how this guy feels about his paella? CHECK HIS EXCITED FREAKING FACE.
I don't like shoulder massages either...makes me feel icky lol. Also people close minded about others cultures is a HUGE no no. The ones who judge just because it's a little different than what they are used to.
@allischaaff I don't know of anyone who can top @danidee but I will try to put together something that is as close as I can muster.
Yaaassss hahaha I love this @danidee!! I knew yours would be amazing :,) @InPlainSight, think you can top the magnificent @danidee? :D
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