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WHO AM I?! ButterflyBlu

@AimeeH taggged me to do this. SHE ALWAYS TAGS ME!!! lol
<3 Because she knows I'll do it for HER! <3
Full Name: Stacey Janette S. (Sorrrry. We stop there.)
Favorite kpop group: Big Bang
My other favorites include Got7, BTS, Block B, and Shinwa... but seeing as how I just Love ALL Music, suffice it to say I like them all.
Where do you live?
In a tiny town called Littlerock, CA, in the Antelope Valley. I'm about 60 miles north of L.A. at the base of the mountains, surrounded by desert. I have a beautiful view... but I really miss home.
But I was raised in Alabama. Can you see why I miss it? I miss my beaches!!!
What do you want to be when you grow up?
A good Mommy. <3
Favorite Food?
My Daddy's Gumbo, anything Mexican, and Fruit. Alllll of it. *drooling*
Really I just like (almost) all food.
Dancing, reading, watching anime, making jewelry, painting, gaming, chatting with my friends.
Magazines (or anything I can read, really...)
3 Dislikes:
Rude, Disrespectful People
Being Hurt by people you love.
Something Random about me?
I am always dancing, even if there is no music. lol
I am really just a simple, country girl hanging out in a California world.
I love to travel.
I'm thinking about leaving California.
I have trouble trusting other people.
I am a published author, but I write under a pen name to protect my son. :)