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I may talk about powerlifitng a lot, but it was definitely my first love. As someone who is a creative -- someone who writes at the cut of dawn, and saw sports as something I could never be good at, nothing could ever compare to the love I have for powerlifting. I was able to be strong. I was tested in so many ways, and it helped me develop confidence and a sense of ownership over my body and mind. This is what powerlifting looks like -- and it's a sport I will always fuckin' love!
I just re watched the video. what you see over the knees for some of the peeps doing squats are using knee wraps or knee sleeves. They both serve for different purposes. I never used them when competiting though..
I've heard it helps runners to circulate blood through your legs....but does it help when you squat or deadlift?
Now that video makes me want to try powerlifting even more! I have a question: Is there a particular reason why people wear long socks or shin covers?
Mchlyang because when you deadlift, the bar is supposed to make contact with your shins....and because of that reason, it may rip your skin and bleed. For squats...I have no idea why people wear them lollll. I know I would because I would do deadlifts and squats on the same day sometimes, and I was too lazy to change socks. @mchlyang