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Well it's Sunday, my children....well, it was when I started this card lol whoops.....and this week I decided to go more to the cuter side of slow jams here. Just some cute, feel good jams (well as cute as I can stand). We don't want any toothaches or stomach aches.... or headaches for that matter.
GEEKS FT LENA PARK__IS YOU Lil Boiiiiiiiiiiiii (❁´▽`❁) He's bae.....sorry Cheska.... I can't deny these feels.
But that aside *ahem* THIS SONG IS AMAZING. Geeks has always gotten me in ways no other group does. They've got this vibe that is just all their own. They pull off these amazing collaborations with almost no fanfare....no gimmicks....no concepts or booshit like that.....they just DO MUSIC. And I LOVE that.
JAY PARK FT HOODY__SOLO This song is just feel good and above all else, NEW! Go buy it! (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) I LOVE HOODY. I LOVE JAY. This is a win....and this cover art??? ♡
CRUCIAL STAR__LOVE YOURSELF This song.....listen to Crucial Star....you gotta love yourself, kids.
LYDIA PAEK & CRUSH__PUSHER GIRL LOVE (Justin Timberlake cover) Just put your ears on this.
ZION T__ZERO GRAVITY This man....he just has this way of conveying emotion and telling a story with such sincerity just thru his vocals. HE IS INCREDIBLE. Such a talent.....and TOADal cutie♡ I adore him to the moon and back.
GIRIBOY FT SWINGS__CAMP I realize this song is about wanting to get down on it but the actual tune IS SO FLIPPIN CUTE. Giriboy....if you don't like him, I don't wanna know you. Real talk. SWINGS MY LOOOOVE♡ I've been thinking about you. I hope you're taking care of yourself, my darling.
AILEE FT SWINGS __MY LOVE Anyway I love me some Ailee and am obviously having a one sided love affair with Swings in my head sooooooo you should listen to this song.....because it's good. And stuff.
RA. D__THANK YOU This MV is sooooooooooo f*ckin cute. Just watch it. And the song is amazeballs duhhh....why else would it be on my playlist?? (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)
IM SE JUN__BABY YOU I absolutely am in love with this....his voice feels so good on the earholes.
MAYSON THE SOUL FT VERBAL JINT__GOODNIGHT Speaking of voices that feel good on the earholes.....this man's voice is so calming. Its just Indie gold and he has this tone that just carries. His range.....I mean uuugghhh. HE'S JUST SO F*CKIN GOOD.
Lucky dog.....  ̄︿ ̄ yeah I'm jealous of the dog. Go ahead judge me lol. Anyway, children, keep the thirst alive.
Until next Sunday. Side note..... Speaking of thirst, Gray....Bae, you're a spazz lol....put that tongue away. I've watched this GIF play thru WAY too many times lmao.
right his eyebrows always on fleek
@Marilovexoxo lol so jealous of Zion Ts eyebrow game right about now.....
yass lydia and Zion.t I love them ♡