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Six Emotional Stages Of The Fall Coat We Can All Relate To

Coat season is upon us.

Finally. The great thing about coat season is that you can layer and look super stylish doing so. Pulling out your coats can be somewhat reminiscent of the holidays because you are always surprised with unexpected gifts. As women, we like to hoard items in the bottom of our handbags [most things we don't even know exist]. Well, when it comes to our coats -- we can sometimes use the compartments in our coats the same way we use our handbags. If you haven't pulled out your favorite coat yet, be prepared to find all sorts of goodies [you will probably not even remember]. Especially that one lipstick you've been searching high and low for since last fall. Oh, and maybe that hot busboy whose number you got at the bar. I guess it's too late for that now.
Enjoy the change in weather and all the surprises you find inside your coat.