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Its Here!!!!!
Guys the comeback we've all been waiting for is here and my heart is on overload!!!!! Like how can adorable Jackson be soo darn sexy and Yugyuem?!?!? I did not know he had that in him seriously I cant get over this video I dont think I can recover from this. and please lets rake a moment of silence for not only how gorgeous these guys are but how gorgeous JB looks I cant with him And Mark! he gets hotter and hotter by the minute. Young jae no words, Junior too much , bam bam looks fabulous and finally again Yugyuem why?! last but not least another moment of silence for Juniors english I just about died
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@Marilovexoxo thank you. I kept staring at him. usually I stare mostly it Birthday Buddy JB. or even Jackson. I didn't believe it was JB and Jackson had killed me too much in other videos so I decided to die by someone that would hit me. and he sure did. it was like BAM!
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I love the mv so much, it's so good and all of them look so hot, I love when Bam Bam speaks English and when Mark starts singing really deep 😍
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OMG!!!! they look soooo gooood!! ♡♡♡♡ Jackson!!!!
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Really this song is a masterpiece. This year got7 big hits
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