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GOT7 ✌live
Forever Markson
When Mark did that walk I scream same way as Jackson did.
When did he grow up? :'(
Their Reaction to thier MV. if they got feels for thier own video. what it will do to IGOT7?
Live you boys
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ooooo so cool I feel bad that I missed it
2 years ago·Reply
@LaurenAntoine one reason I got it on time coz I woke up to get ready for work lol
2 years ago·Reply
Lol lucky! I was already working when they did this
2 years ago·Reply
Ahhhhhhhh *fangirls all over room* TO THE V APP!
2 years ago·Reply
Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how cute Youngjae looks in glasses?
2 years ago·Reply