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Here we go, a shopping post you and I can afford. As a follow-up to yesterday's drool-worthy wishlist of expensive sweaters, I'm putting together an actually affordable wishlist. I think we both know that while investing on extra-special pieces is great, having an awesome wardrobe doesn't have to mean spending big bucks on every garment in your closet. All sweaters under $100, all sweaters beyond adorable.
Pictured above: this black and white colorblock knit from Topshop.

Capes and Cardigans

This Jacquard print beauty from Zara is a little bit bohemian, and a little bit Western with the fringed shoulders. Use it to spice up jeans and a tee, or layer over a dress to add some funky flair. For a less-structured and more poncho-like cape, this option from Vero Moda is loose, wrappable and drapeable, with bohemian fringe that's totally on-trend.

Textures and Embellishment

This sweater with allover fringe from Goldie looks soft and fuzzy, but once you get moving, the fringe will move with you! The best interpretation of 70's fringe for winter. For a less radical fringe that still gives you some nice texture, this black and white oversized pullover from Noisy May has fringed chevron-y stripes that almost blend into the knit, but still add an extra something special.

Crazy Prints

How can you say no to this crochet hamburger sweater from ASOS? It's a clean and simple silhouette that's sure to keep you cozy, and it has a hamburger on it! Enough said. For a more even print, this black and white star sweater from Topshop is cute and casual, and has a cartoonish print that you'd expect on a sweatshirt, rather than a knit, so it doesn't look too dressed-down or frumpy. If you're looking for an unexpected print, this skeleton sweater from Noisy May isn't just appropriate for Halloween, though it's definitely waiting for October.

Turtlenecks and Mock Necks

This distressed cream turtleneck from Nastygal is almost traditional, but the shredding through the body give it a little something extra. Keep extra covered in the neck area, and semi-see-through in the torso. This colorblock sweater from Zara has a mock neck for that turtleneck feel, and a simple black and white print to not overdo the clean cut.

Classic and Simple

This Cheap Monday striped pullover is classic and comfy, and will look good over everything from jeans to slouchy dresses and leggings when the temperatures drop. This simple and cute colorblock chevron knit from Vero Moda is cozy and cool, and is fitted enough to wear this fall without risking looking frumpy. This oversized rainbow stripe sweater from Nastygal isn't as understated, but the stripes are simple enough, and for the gal who loves a pastel palette, it's her dream to add some color to a dreary day.