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So i know im extremely late but for years before I started listening to kpop , I have been in love with Taecyeon♡ i was randomly on the computer and found him one day so of course love at first sight ive loved him since but never bothered to listen to 2pm (I know i missed years of lovely kpop) But I finally decided to listen to them and I am in love this whole group is amazing Taecyeon looks amazing in this video and all of them! now I have a new group added to my list of life ruiners!! now I just need help with names I know Taecyeon of course♡and junho just need to know the rest of these beautiful specimens lol
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Welcome new HOTTEST! A rundown of who's who: 0:32 Wooyoung 0:42 Chansung 0:52 Jun.K (he wrote & composed this amazing song) 1:24 Taecyeon 1:47 Junho 2:10 Nickhun Definitely check out the members' solo works, dramas, and movies too! It's all good stuff!
@kellyoconnor Thank You! I saw some of taecyeon , junho and wooyoungs stuff but definetly gonna check out the rest. Already have my top three bias of the group Taecyeon of course, wooyyoung and chansung they are too much
jun.k, nichkhun, chunsung, wooyoung and their latest member jay park
@Kristenp1987 Thanks surprisingly I ended learning there names fast since I knew the majority of them just never knew they were in this group
@Marilovexoxo don't forget to check out jay park. he is no longer a member of 2pm (he was a member early on during their debut but left shortly after) but he has his own rap career and company now. he's really good. there are a lot of early videos with 2pm when all 7 members were together