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Temporary Fabric Wallpaper - DIY
Who wants to fuss with wallpaper when you can throw up your favorite printed or textured fabric to a wall? I love this temporary wallpaper (using fabric) idea because it's not paper and it's completely temporary! There's no commitment whatsoever with this.
Also, who doesn't love a good EASY DIY like this? Let's get started!

Supplies Needed:

Liquid starch
Paint tray
Paint roller
Pin fabric to the wall at the top and bottom so it's secure.
Pour liquid starch into a paint tray.
Roll the starch right onto the dry fabric, like you're painting a wall.
Move from one direction to the other, starting in one corner.
Let the starch dry, which is the process that keeps this attached to the wall!
I love this so much! What do you think of this cool way to put fabric onto a wall? For more cute projects, click here.
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