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This is golden.

Curtis Granderson is not only a candidate for Mets team MVP (he's been one of the league's best leadoff hitters and an incredible veteran clubhouse presence on a team with so many young players); he's also a huge jokester.
The Mets locked up the NL East title this past weekend, which means they have about 10 days before the playoffs to rest, relax, and joke around a little bit while they enjoy their title. It's still business time, but moods are high and it's ok to have some fun.

So, Curtis Granderson decided to mess around with the rookies a little bit.

He bought them all superhero "underoos" and had them walk to the airport in Cincinnati for their flight to Philadelphia. Take the bus? No, thanks. I'll walk!
Here's a video of part of the prank. You can see all the team's stud rookies - Plawecki, Conforto, Syndergaard and more.
You can see another video, this time of the players on the streets of Cincinnati, here.

I'm glad the Mets are having their fun now, because come two weeks from now, it'll be back to business!

Ahhh this is the best rookie hazing I've seen in years!
That's just Great. :D haha!
@mchlyang I'll write a card about that soon!
Also, the Mets def need to hold on to Cespedes after this season.