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Nothing makes my heart sing more than weddings, saving money, diys and all of these at the same time! If you're a bride-to-be like me and these excite you too, then this is the perfect bridal bouquet idea to help you achieve all of these.

Supplies Needed:

Green floral tape
You’ll want to choose one focal flower and three smaller filler flowers in similar colors along with foliage. Here’s what was used in the picture:
Ivory Vendela Rose (3 stems)—$1.50 per stem
Tree Fern (7–10 stems)—$13 per bunch
White Wax Flower (5–6 stems)—$13 per bunch
Pink or Champagne Alstroemeria (3 stems)—$16.50 per bunch
White spray rose (2 stems)—$25 per bunch
*Prices will vary depending on season, what you buy, how much you buy, and the supplier.
1: Start by prepping your stems, making sure to remove thorns and any leaves from the bottom two thirds of your stems.
2: Build the bouquet with a loose fan of foliage stems using four to five stems of tree fern, making your stems crisscross with each other at your holding point
3: Add three standard roses as focal flowers. A good rule of thumb to make sure your bouquet looks balanced is to add two flowers right next to each other, then place the third on its own across from the first two. Next add two stems of spray roses on either side of your focal flowers.
4: Add three stems of Alstroemeria in between the rose stems to fill in the holes
5: Add five to six stems of wax flower, again with an eye for filling in any gaps in your bouquet. Then add two additional stems of tree fern to the base of the bouquet, and one more tree fern stem at the back towards the top to soften the edges and fill out the bouquet.
6: Hold your bouquet in front of the mirror the way you would if you were holding it in real life. Adjust the flowers in the arrangement by pushing from the base of the stems until the bouquet feels balanced with a mixture of heights, and all the flowers show up well in the bouquet.
7: Use floral tape to wrap the bouquet stems tightly. There’s no need to wrap the entire handle, just enough to secure the stems. Normally, a wrap of one to two inches does the trick, and exposed stems are on trend, so run with that (it’s easier and cheaper than trying to do a full wrap.) Readjust flowers again as needed if any shifted when wrapping. Decide how tall you want your bouquet and cut off the excess stems.
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