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Let's face it, doing the flowers and the bouquets for your wedding might be easy, which you can see by clicking here, but when it comes to ribbons and flair on the bouquet, that can be a tricky thing altogether. That's when I discovered a 1-2-3 approach to adding ribbon to any bridal bouquet that makes the process super easy and the final product to look beautiful!

Supplies Needed:

Green floral tape
Satin ribbon in Ivory, Burnt Orange, and Maroon/Marsala (or any color you like)
2 pins
As you can see, this tutorial is incredibly easy and takes the drama and angst out of finishing off a beautiful bridal bouquet. I was thinking too, that since this is so easy, it might be cute and fun to have a bridal bouquet party. Something to put together with your bridesmaids the day or two before the wedding. My mom and I are thinking about doing something like this for my own wedding.
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