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Share this to everyone you can to help stop addiction. This is a interview I conducted last winter, I am still working on helping my dad.
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This is a beautiful video. I'm glad you have worked to understand and not judge. That's the biggest mistake people can make. Addiction has many ugly faces and I am glad you could help your father and hear him out on his journey. This is truly inspiring and I'm seriously proud of you and your father for being so fearless and open. Listening to each other and hearing what needs to be said is a very very important thing. I'll keep you and your father in my thoughts. Your strength is extremely apparent. Thank you thank you.
Thank You Everyone So Much!
@GalaxyTacoCat Thank you for sharing this. I know it wasn't easy. My dad was also career military. He was an active alcoholic up until about 10 years ago...when he retired out. I don't know if it's the structure or the burden, but it's way too common for our soldiers. My youngest brother deals with heavy addiction problems. He's been in and out of jail for it. He always gets clean in jail and then comes right out and does it again. :( I have to be optimistic, but it's hard to imagine he will ever beat this demon. It's hard to deal with... I really appreciate you sharing this. It's easy to imagine that we are the only ones with this burden. It helps to realize that others are in the same situation and might understand. Stay strong!
@GalaxyTacoCat Thank you for sharing this. Even though I personally don't know anyone who has an addiction problem, your father really changed my view on people with addiction problems. The popular media has portrayed it as something that should be looked down upon when people who are actually going through addiction problems need all the help they can get. They're also doing all they could to overcome it.
@GalaxyTacoCat So much respect man....For you and him. This must be a difficult journey for you both. You're a strong guy and so is he.