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Very few get to meet the Pope, so Mark Wahlberg made his moment count.
During his meeting with the Pope this week in Philadelphia, the famed actor shocked the world by asking for forgiveness for a part of his past in front of a live studio audience.
Pretty odd to ask that question in front of so many, but the issue he asked to be absolved for was hilarious.
With all of the movies that Wahlberg has starred in one movie weighed heavily upon his conscience: Ted.
Ted is the Wahlberg movie that makes the actor want to do penance. Mark shared an interaction he had with one of the performers at the event earlier with the attendees live.
After Bobby Hill, 14, of the Keystone State Boychoir performed an opera solo, he told Wahlberg that he liked his performance in the movie about an angry talking teddy bear.
“He whispered in my ear that he liked the movie Ted,'” Wahlberg said. “I told him that was not appropriate for his age. Holy Father, please forgive me.”

While there were some bad movies Mark was apart of, Ted wasn't one of them.

Maybe it was the raunchy (yet timely) jokes he delivered on set that he wanted to be cleansed of, but that movie was a gem.
To be honest, I'm not sure if the Pope has even seen the movie. With that being said he delivered a polite nod to Mark after his request.
Hopefully the big guy upstairs can spare mercy on Mark for that one. It may have been out there, but the shit was pretty funny.
well I personally believe that only His can forgive our sins. but I respect every ones beliefs.
@danidee you would think so wouldn't you?
For a minute, I thought Mark Wahlberg was referring to the hate crime he committed when he was younger, but I'm a little bummed it was just about a movie.
@ChosenKnight gotcha! Makes sense
sorry meant to say God not His. and I believe that too.
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