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I must say..... I love my phone!!!! and my phone loves my bias Taemin!!! yay phone!!! OK so Taemin and I are bffs, but I have a crush on minho so poor taemins feelings for me go unconfessed and he stays my secret admirer. I confess to minho so he decides to take me out but it just does not work! I had a terrible time!! he even let jonghyun steal my ice cream!! my dream romance was destroyed and I was pretty depressed so to cheer me up taemin decides to take me to the Bahamas! I had a few too many one night and taemin and I had a fling. I was so scared it would ruin our friendship but it actually gave him the courage to confess his feelings and he became my boyfriend! I didnt have to wait long before he proposed and we married and now we have our first baby on the way!! @aimeeh (apparently jonghyun likes to steal ice cream)
@heidichiesa! 👊 teamwork and little thiefy Jonghyun will have his evil plan foiled!! Awe thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying them!! I appreciate it!
haha I know right! I'll be the first to sign that petition. these are so much fun @aimeeh !!!!! I look forward to these haha
thank you for participating!
@heidichiesa omg your phone is legit the MVP!! I love these results!! THAT'S IT SOMEONE NEEDS TO START A PETITION SO JONGHYUN CAN'T STEAL ANYMORE ICE CREAM!! 😂😂