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Shinee dating game results!

So again a big thank you to @AimeeH for making this and putting so much effort in for all of us! Anyway on with the results. Best friend - Minho Crush - Taemin Secret Admirer - Minho Steals your ice cream >:[ - Taemin Fling with - Onew Takes you out - Jonghyun Takes you to the Bahamas - Jonghyun Boyfriend - Onew Have children with - Minho Husband - Onew. So I'm going to attempt to write a little story about my results. sorry its long. Me and my best friend Minho were chatting and waiting for Minho's friends to turn up. Little did I know, my crush was walking towards me.. I looked up and met my crush Taemin's eyes. I immediately looked down to the ground and blushed so hard. Minho had seen the look on my face when I looked into Taemin's eyes and he got jealous. I had actually been recieving annonymous notes from a secret admirer. What I didn't know was that my secret admirer was actually my best friend Minho. We all decided to go and get some ice cream seen as it was a hot day. I got my favourite flavour hazelnut. We found an empty table and sat down to eat our ice cream. My crush had to sit next to me.. I scooped some ice cream onto my spoon and just as I was about to take a bite Taemin grabbed my hand and took the ice cream off of the spoon (rude.). Minho had another friend called Onew. After we had met up I got all of Minho's friends phone numbers. -skip a few days- Me and Onew had been texting each other and got to know each other. Turns out we have a lot in common. I began to like him and we ended up having a fling with each other. Seen as it was a fling it didn't last long. I had also kept in contact with Jonghyun (one of the other guys) and we became good friends. He'd found out about me and Onew breaking up and decided to take me out for dinner. After dinner he told me to pack for a holiday. I was of course confused. Jonghyun then told me he was taking me to the Bahamas to get away from everything. When I came back Onew was waiting for me at the airport. He told me he still liked me and would like to be an official couple. I of course said yes! One night I went out with my best friend Minho and got drunk. We went back to his and ended up doing the dirty (haha). I found out a few weeks later that I was pregnant with Minho's children. I was not happy. I told Onew about it and we ended up breaking up. After 9 months I had Minho's children. Minho was never there for his children so I was a single mother. A few years later me and Onew bumped into each other in the streets. We got talking and after a while realised our feelings for each other never changed. Onew asked me to be his girlfriend again and a year later he asked me to marry him. I said yes. And I am no longer a single mother. The end!
@beckiboop1996 you are most welcome dear!! ♡♡♡♡♡
@AimeeH it's much appreciated
@AimeeH Thank you! ☺
@AimeeH awww thank you! Glad someone has some faith in me
@AimeeH never knew I could to be honest
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