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Alright. So, thanks to @AimeeH, I get to participate in another screenshot game. HURRAH! This time it's SHINee, my ultimate bias group. This is my first time looking at my results, so let the fun begin~
Best Friend: Jinki Crush: Taemin Secret Admirer: Minho Steals Your Ice Cream: Taemin Fling With: Taemin Takes You Out: Jinki Takes You to the Bahamas: Jonghyun Boyfriend: Jonghyun Have Children With: Key Husband: Jonghyun

Alright, Storytime with Llama-senpai!

So, Jinki and I were always from different types worlds. He was this brilliant kid with a sweet smile and a gorgeous voice. He was popular whether he wanted to be or not. Me, on the other hand, I'll admit I've got brains. I'm not the most gorgeous but I have some thing going for me, I guess, but he was the upperclassman that I just couldn't get close to. At least not until I got dragged to a school event by some classmates of mine. We ran into each other at the school carnival. He was there because his graduating class had been the masterminds to put the event together. While he was patrolling the grounds and making sure everything was running well, he came across me and my picnic for one in the eating area. My mom makes some bomb chicken, okay? It's amazing and delicious. That's what drew him over. Let's just say that that meal became his. We easily became best friends as we talked over his meal, learning we had a lot in common. We hung out a lot together after that. He got to experience my crush on Taemin the transfer student. I don't know what school he came from but we were an arts school, so he had to be talented in something. It turned out the kid could dance, and that he was in my class. I was head over heels for this new kid that could dance, not that Minho was having it. I didn't know Minho all that well. He was more into modeling and such. He sent me tons of things anonymously for a while, but he began to put his name on things when he realized how close I was to Taemin. Never thought I'd get another upperclassman to notice me, but hey. Frog Prince wasn't that bad looking. Taemin and I got really close when Jinki and I couldn't hang out together anymore, with his getting prepped for a university and such. He decided to steal my ice cream one day, and one thing led to another. Hello, spring fling with the transfer hottie. Jinki scolded me for it once I told him what happened, but decided it was fine as long as I wasn't getting played, although he made a big scene the next time he saw Taemin. As an apology, he took me out one night and spoiled me. Believe me, I was appreciative just spending time with my best friend again. Jinki ended up graduating and getting into some university that was a decent amount of time away. Keeping in contact wasn't an issue. Now, moving up years, I met this cute guy named Jonghyun. We had a few music classes together. We even worked on a few projects together and he invited me to go to the Bahamas with him one day half way through the school year. We'd known each other pretty well by then and that's when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Talk about a dramatically romantic offer. I, of course, took him up on that offer. Our relationship almost fell to pieces though when a New Year's party at his house caused me and his best friend, Key, to get a little too frisky. I told him there was a reason I didn't drink. Kibum and I had been on good terms so it wasn't exactly weird but a rendezvous turned into a few times and I ended up having some kids by him. Hey, the man has skills, okay? Jonghyun didn't hate me because I had kids with his best friend though. Not to mention, it had been a rocky stage in our relationship since he had already graduated and I was about to. Going to a university was in our future but it was stress, which was interfering with our relationship. Regardless of it all, Jonghyun had decided that I was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. I didn't hesitate to say yes. We are happily married to this day.
*coughs and chokes* That's the definition of getting carried away with a story... I just realized... Jinki is the same age as my best friend and I play with Asian zodiacs sometimes. Apparently, I get along really well with people born in that year. Taemin and I really are the same age and he was my first bias in SHINee; He would definitely be my crush. Minho... Okay, so I went through this stage where I denied Minho's existence almost, at least in regards to me finding him attractive. One of my friends even wrote this fic about him and I where he liked me and I didn't pay him any mind... I ended up turning that fic into a four-part or five-part series... Key is an interesting factor. I've liked him but I always thought him and I wouldn't get along well or that he'd just get irritated easily by me or something. We'd probably raise some wicked cool kids though, bright and fashionable. And, as for Jonghyun... He's my little sister's ultimate bias, okay? But, for some reason, she thinks I should date him or something. Like she wants me to be with Jackson, Jonghyun is apparently another candidate to be her brother-in-law... These screenshot games know what's going down. xD
OMG! YES TO ALL OF THIS! I ENJOYED THIS SO MUCH!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Thank you for participating! I love this..
@AimeeH I'm glad you enjoyed it. XD Thank you for tagging me! :3
@AmbieB no problem at all dear!! ♡