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Ok so apparently I was Best Friends with cutie Onew while at the same time I had a secret Crush on him. Little did I know that Taemin left me flowers and love letters as my Secret Admirer. Minho, wanting to be a jerk Takes My Ice Cream. I go to my best friend Onew to tell him and cry on his shoulder and ended up having a Fling with him. Minho feels sorry for what he did so he Takes Me Out for dinner. Taemin surprises me with a Trip To The Bahamas for my birthday where we have a blast. Although my Boyfriend Jonghyun was not too happy about it so we part ways. Because of that one Fling with Onew, I ended up Having Twins. But in the end Taemin was the one who had my heart and ended up being my Husband in the end!!!!! @AimeeH These results were so cute!!!!! Thanks for the tag!!!!
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@glostick your story was fantastic! I loved it!! You are most welcome and thank you for participating in this! ♡