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thanks for the tag @AimeeH
So me and Key are bffs since childhood, we did everything together
Bc I only saw Key as a friend, I developed a crush on Jonghyun
Who without me knowing actually liked me back
Me and Key were hanging out like usual and Onew surprises us and ends up stealing my ice cream, he better be glad he's cute
Though we were only friends we have been together so long we decided to try out a relationship
But for whatever reason Onew was jelly and also wanted a chance so he took me out
Minho decided that this was getting out of hand and I should go away for a bit, so he takes me to the Bahamas
Key being my boyfriend at the time of course wasn't happy about me going out with Onew and flying so far away with Minho, but he understood I had to decide
Little did he know I also had a thing with Onew and we ended up having children together
But I couldn't lie to my heart and Jonghyun finally stepped up and we ended up getting married
So like apparently I am ultra fickle bc that was a lot of hoping around, plus just so you know this is like my fifth or sixth shinee based game and yet again I have ended up with Jonghyun, I'm really bugging out Lol
@netchtiBates XD omg it almost sounds like it! I never get Jonghyun in the end, so I have some soul searching to do!! XD It's either been Onew or Minho
sure it was fun and I enjoy playing them, my results are always fun to see, though I feel like if I keep getting Jonghyun on quizzes and stuff, I'm just going to give in to the fact that my phone believes he's my soulmate Lmao @AimeeH
@netchtiBates I hopped around too. XD I enjoyed your results!! Thank you for participating! ♡