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Hey hey guys I'm back with another SOTD♡ I was extremely excited to share this song with you guys, so if you havent heard it then please listen to it. This song is currently at the TOP of my playlist, and it's really cute. So i hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do♡♡
You guys know I must give you the hook up. So here's the lyrics along with a beautiful live performance ♡♡
Don't forget to check out some of B1A4's other songs aswell :)
QUESTION: So what's your favorite song by B1A4? (You can have more than one) :P Have a great day guys bye♡♡
This song is a TOADal B1A4's songs in general are earworms.....nah, B1A4 is just a group of Korean earworms....chillin like Sup? and making homes in our ears.
YAS! I LOVE B1A4!!!! Ah every song they have ever done is my favourite!
My favorite song by B1A4 would have to be "Sweet Girl" I love the mv!!