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God I hope this one isn't true.
At the moment, Sam Smith is in the midst of a press run to celebrate his theme song in the new James Bond film. Smith called in to Nick Grimshaw’s BBC Radio 1 program from Mexico to debut the new Bond theme.
For some odd reason, Smith decided this was a good time to share that he didn't know where in the world Mexico was until recently. Even worst, he shared where he thought it was near.
Maybe he should've kept this one to himself.
"I actually thought Mexico was near Berlin," said Smith. "I know, it's so bad. I thought it was in Europe, than I realized it's not. I'm more clued up now."

My god, did anyone show this guy a globe growing up? Sheesh.

Let's pray this one was a mistake.
It's silly, but he couldn't have been further off on this one. Even Nick Grimshaw from BBC (who conducted the interview) couldn't let this one go and hopped on Twitter to share his disbelief.
Someone get the PR rep on the phone, we may have to clean this one up.
how do you even get bad information like that
I know Spaniards speaks Spanish too, but really?
And yes. I did say you were crazy!
I mean yes he is a Brit, but Mexico, near Germany? Really? I love all of his songs and from now on, whenever I listen to his songs, I'm just going to be thinking about Mexico and Germany.
@danidee I don't know what's worse, him admitting he doesn't know where Mexico is, or taking a stab at it's placement an saying its near Berlin.. which couldn't be further off, lol. #Pray4Sammy
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