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So many speculations swirling around Lizzie McGuire!

Why!? Because everyone is desperate to see a reunion which has launched an online search for our favorite characters. The internet has just landed its focus on one of our all time favorite leading men, Gordo. Played by Adam Lamberg, Gordo was the best friend of Lizzie McGuire, played by Hilary Duff, who every fan rooted for that he would finally score the girl (he does btw). He was kind, genuine, and made all of those big shots in high school look lame. But interestingly, Lamberg has been out of the spotlight for many years.
Lamberg left the Disney Channel to get a college degree. He went to UC Berkeley and received a degree in geography. He now lives in in New York City, where he is a developmental associate at the Irish Arts Center. He had also commented back to a fan on Tumblr saying that he didn't regret his Lizzie McGuire days, yet, “It’s just hard to be constantly judged on something from the past.”
Macaulay Culkin's Pizza Underground is his "favorite new band" according to Instagram. However his Instagram is extremely bizarre and rude. It makes derogatory comments about former costar Hilary Duff and he mocks himself. The account has almost 8,000 followers but the pictures seem somewhat updated from his teenage years. Though he appeared in two independent films following Lizzie McGuire, we have yet to see him take to the screen again.

Here's what he looks like now. Thoughts?

Lamberg didn't even make it to his own reunion...

Lalaine, formerly known for her role in Lizzie McGuire as Miranda Sanchez, shockingly ran into Duff at a local bowling alley. She spilled to Huffington Post, "We started bowling and I swore I thought I heard [Hilary Duff]. Like her voice will never not be recognizable for me," said Lalaine. "It was random and a little bit of fate maybe, so I forced fate's hand a little bit and I immediately hit up Jake [Thomas] because he's like less than a mile away from the bowling alley."
Now the question is...will we ever see Lamberg join the original Disney Squad!?
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The reunion!!!!! I would love one. Lizzie McGuire was like my favorite show growing up, I even cut my hair like Hilary Duff when I was in 4th grade lol. That long layerd bang look...not a good one hahahaha