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MY BEST FRIEND IS SOOO F*CKING AMAZING!!!! Today we had our clinicals where we went to the Rehabilitation Center (it was boring as f*ck we just stood there since most patients were critical and we can't enter) and when we got in the car to go back to school, she was like "Do you have music in your phone?" and I said "Yeah but only K-Pop..." She was like "It's cool, I listen to it because of my sister." :O I HAD A MAJOR HEART ATTACK!!! I literally cried so hard cuz it's the first time someone wants to K-Pop with me in their car ㅠㅠ We jammed to BTS Dope (her favorite song), Luhan That Good Good, Red Velvet Dumb Dumb, B.I.G Hello, GOT7 Just Right and UP10TION So Dangerous


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That sucks you need to be a kpopper to have the full experience lol but I have no Kpop friends here but I have them online
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@kpopgaby it sucks right I hate it is I cant fangirl as much as I would if I could share it with someone
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@kpopgaby yes and that pain hurts lol
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