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Coit Tower | San Francisco, CA
I spent the last weekend exploring SF and I can't stop thinking about it because it is such a great place. Thanks to the amazing camera on my Note 5, I was able to capture this without hauling my DSLR around - important because the climb up to this place was an intense workout for me. Coit Tower is a must see, I would say. The path up the stairs to the tower is extremely adorable and romantic with many plants and flowers, but most importantly, for only $8, I was able to get an amazing view of SF from the top of the tower. I am definitely keeping this in my memory bank and hopefully I will be able to go again soon. There is an easier path to take to this tower, but if you are able to climb stairs, I highly recommend taking the Filbert Street Steps. So worth the sweat. http://sfrecpark.org/destination/telegraph-hill-pioneer-park/coit-tower/
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