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Okay so I finely have come to the realization the may or may not have a weird attraction to guys with big ears or cute ears in general lol after all this time I realized a majority of my bias have cute little/big ears . im weird I know but I wanted to make a post to appreciate my loves and there adorable ears♡
First is my adorable love and 2nd UB Chanyeol♡he is absolutely perfect and his ears are the cutest things ever! Chanyeol wouldnt be chanyeol without his ears I love them!♡
Next set of adorable ears belong to my UNIQ love Sung Joo featuring wenhans adorable ears♡ he seriously has elf ears and they are soo adorable and soo perfect♥*baby voice*"Wook at those ears" lol
Junior♡ I cant with his ears they are perfect!
last but not least from my top 4 cutest ears list is Chen♡ his ears really need no explanation as to why they are so perfect♥
Okay I lied lol last ones are my long time loves Taecyeon♥
here are a few more adorable ears I love♡ Xiumi♡ Jay Park ♡♥(I know you may be asking yourself "what ears? I dont see them" lol he has that affect) Zion.t♡♥ Kang joon♥ wenhan♡ jooyoung♡ beenzino♡♥ and my Up10tion love Kuhn♡♥
My sister is the same way! She loves sticky-outy ears :)
@baileykayleen they are just so cute idk why lol
No they are super cute. I'm super partial to Taec's giant ears. They are so unique and cute!
I do love Taecyeon.....and you can't help but notice the ears.