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I sat down (literally cause I have no life) and wrote down my bias list I noticed that they all have certain things in common
1. They're all rappers
2. They're for the most part English speakers/American
I tend to gradually gravitate towards these ppl.. Have you noticed what you're bias list have in common Im tagging ppl just to see if youve noticed anything your bias share Everyone is welcome to do a card or just state your thoughts below :) @AimeeH @glostick @kpopandkimchi @candacejordan @fabiolagavina @marilovexoxo @kpopgaby @kaceydodge @b1a4bts5ever @roxy1903
All of mine are very... "high energy" lol
Mine are for the most part leaders/ have a 4d personality.
most of mine are rappers too with dome exceptions and im a weirdo but.........a lot of my bias all have big ears lol idk I just find them soo cute!
You make me want to make my bias list, ok fine i'll do it, but im pretty sure it will be long, i'll try and see if they have anything in common
All of mine are mysterious......and charming in their own ways. (T.O.P, Ado,Kangjun)
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