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its all in korean but I'm sure they are speaking bad about tgm lol
I really hope tgm get what they deserve! they had no right to do what they did to both the fans and bts!
I went to the houston show but my experiences weren't as bad as the others. I feel for everyone who was apart of this tour it was a complete mess. TGM finally got their name out there to the public but not in a positive way
I translated it and yea they were complaining. I hope this draws attention to the terrible things that happened because fans who spent their hard earned money didn't deserve it and DEFINITELY NOT our Bangtan Boys. I would make a huge stink about this so if they come back it goed better. I almost went to the one in NY but the tickets sold out before I could and now I'm kind of all fans who went and to BTS I AM SO SORRY *GIANT HUG*