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We need to ban the idea of "The Friend Zone" right now. It is shoved in our faces from every direction, from jokes at school or work to mentions on TV Shows where nice guys always end up in "the friend zone" by the girl they want to be more then friends with.
Its always sad and the friend is always super upset about it but can't help clinging on to the idea that maybe one day, the girl will open her eyes and see that this whole time her friend was actually the one she wanted to be with.
Well, I hate to break it to you but the friend zone isn't only pathetic, its also super sexist.
What you consider "trapped the friend zone" we girls just consider you being our good friend. Totally rude and crazy of us right? Wrong.
Because if you are being a girls friend just because you hope she realizes she wants to screw you later in life you are literally the worst human on the planet.
Nice guys aren't just nice to girls so they can get in their pants; thats what assholes do. And the friend zone is just another way to place blame on women for them not wanting to fuck you. Which honestly is super pathetic because Sorry but not every women will want you.

So if you believe you're in the friend zone, do us all a favor a get over yourself; because not every interaction that includes a girl should revolve around if you're getting some or not.

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@bulie wow excellent points and not hearing about it in the gay community is defiantly a point a never thought about before but it's sooooo true!!
Ahh, I'm sorry, I see I'm expecting you to think too widely, my bad. I'll leave you to your thoughts. and @bulie I wish feminism was what it's supposed to be, but it's not. Feminism doesn't go by that definition because isnt about equality, its about females. it's a gender-bias word by itself. Equality is about equality. Plain and simple.
By it's definition feminism is "the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes." Men don't need to fight for equality l because they are the ones holding the power. I'm much more scared of raising a daughter( & if I can afford one compared to what I'm making compared to my male counterpart) in this society that treats her like a lesser being and made to breed. I'd much rather teach my son the value of a woman and not to expect a relationship for treating a girl with respect than have to worry about guys making demands from my daughter, especially considering the rape culture that is prevalent in our society and on our campuses
@JessHawks I implore you to look up the very definition of feminism. Also I too an terrified to raise a child; specifically a daughter in a world where rape culture and blameless sexual misconduct continues to go unchecked because people are more worried about the men who don't commit the acts that are being criticized aka awesome men who are 100% a large handful rather then focusing on the ones that do.
@bulie woaaaaa we might be the same person! Love your brain