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Full name: Edwin Jose Suarez
Fav groups: 2ne1, Bigbang, Bts 2nd fav: got7, vixx, red velvet, t-ara, nu'est, ftisland, myname, bap, b1a4, epik high, infinite, uniq
I am currently living in Orlando,FL.
I am majoring in Network Engineering, but what I really like is foreign languages. I want to learn German, Korean, and Japanese.
My favorite type of food is MORE, of course, but pizza is bae . I also love sushi.
hobbies are kdramas duh! , tumblr (so i can find more pics to save), and I go to the gym sometimes too.
3 likes: Jimin's legs, Bom's eyes, and Kwon twins
3 dislikes: YG's teasers, YG's dunjeon, and YG naming its tours as "World tours" when they are only takingnplace in Asia
about me? born in Colombia, soon to be 2ne1(21)(yaaassss), YG stan, been into Korean stuff since 2012. favorite Non kpop artists are Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Black Eyed Peas, 30 seconds to mars, Linkin park, Demi Lovato, etc.... I also love tattoos and piercings.
@Marilovexoxo Ive been learning Korean too!! and I have 4 tattoos lol ... my next one will be a korean quote :)
@edwinb94 thats so cool lol I have 2 but technically since they go together I count it as one and im getting another one soon and a korean quote is definitely on my list of must haves :)
I love this! and I love foreign languages too ive been learning Korean and I also want to Learn Japanese and Russian . and omg! I love Demi she is life♡ Linkin park is amazing and I love tattoos! do you have any?