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{This is a pretty accurate picture of me LOL} I've taken up the challenge from @JHopeSunshine of another way for the Vingle family to get to know eachother better, SO OFF WE GO!! A~ Age; 26 {27 in December} B~ Biggest Fear: Commitment C~ Current Time: 5:46 p.m. D~ Drink You Had Last: Sweet Tea E~ Easiest Person To Talk To: My Sister F~ Favorite Song: 2PM's A.D.T.O.Y. / BEAST's Beautiful Night G~ Ghosts, Are They Real?: Yes, my childhood house was haunted. I've seen an apparition. H~ Hometown: St. Charles, Missouri I~ In Love With: Being Single For Now {not having to answer to or worry about anyone but me is great} J~ Jealous Of: People with a high metabolism K~ Killed Anyone?: No. Thought about it LOL, done it no. L~ Last Time You Cried?: Last Night M~ Middle Name: Ann N~ Number Of Siblings: 2 {older sister & brother, I'm the baby!} O~ One Wish: Win the lottery and be set for life P~ Person You Last Called: my bff soulmate Kori Q~ Question You're Always Asked: How're you feeling? {I have resting bit*h face. it's a problem} R~ Reason To Smile: My family & K-Pop ^u^ S~ Song Last Sang: EXO's Peter Pan while driving T~ Time You Woke Up: 8 a.m. U~ Underwear Color: little personal but ok, blue and white satin/lace {purty} V~ Vacation Destination: Ireland first then the world W~ Worst Habit: Procrastination X~ X-Rays You've Had: In grade school I broke my left arm in two places Y~ Your Favorite Food: Sweet and Sour Chicken Z~ Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Nominees: Anyone who hasn't done it yet!
I love your card and I will accept the challenge lol @KellyOConnor
@wllmvns yay! Thanks I can't wait to see your's!