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So you're taking the plunge and moving in with the person you love the most. You will be together 24/7, cooking dinner and waking up and sharing a bathroom. So...too make sure you can continue to love each other, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.
1. Realize you are going to fight and never use low blows.
Fighting will happen, you live together! It might be over whose turn it is to do the dishes to topics a little more serious that all couples face. The point to remember is you live together now, so you are fully committed not only to each other, but to a year long lease. If you guys use low blows during fights it will become harder and harder to forgive the person you see every day.
2. Share chores
Its the 21st century so girls being the only one in the kitchen is out the door, (and if you are dating someone who believes that dump them.) Chores should be split up so that no one grows the resent the person who never ever cleans up their mess.
3. Say sorry
You have your big kid house now so its time to put your big kid pants on. If you were wrong in any way OR if you hurt your partners feelings, just say you're sorry. It really isn't hard yet a simple apology will always go a long way.
4. Make sure you're still dating
Living together means you have dinner together every night, you have sleepovers every night, and you don't need to go any further then the couch to hang out. But you do not want to relationship to get stale. Make sure you still have a date night, or if you're tight for cash, make a romantic dinner at home where the TV stays off.
5. Open Communication
If you're annoyed, you don't have somewhere else to go to for a few days to cool off so discuss your issues. Be open about your pet peeves and try to communicate how you are feeling every single day. The only way you will enjoy living together is if you are willing to talk AND LISTEN.
6. Say I Love You
Because it is always nice to hear and can really make someones day.
that's some helpful tips
Loved this! Saying sorry and having patience I think are so important when living with ANYONE. People you live with are going to get on your nerves, but that’s how you learn to not let the little things get to you so much!
@lizarnone words are like a bullet-once you say them, you can never take them back
it's true words are mightier than the sword and you can never take it back be careful and think before you say anything?
@nicolejb I agree !! Living with anyone could be difficult if you don't keep the open communication and sorry tips in mind !!
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