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PMS: You know the deal.

It starts a week or two before your period sets in, with the cramps, the mood swings, the irritability, the bloating, the breast tenderness, the trouble sleeping... not everybody experiences PMS, and not to the same extent, but it's definitely a problem for many ladies. According to WebMD, 75% of women have symptoms of PMS occasionally, while 5% have it bad enough to screw up the majority of every month.
Basically, PMSing sucks. Besides drinking a TON of water and popping a couple Midol, what can you do to lessen your symptoms?
Luckily, I found 10 all-natural home remedies that can help soothe PMS symptoms and help you feel better! Check them out below.

Minimize sugar, caffeine, spice, and salt.

The first step to lessening PMS symptoms is cleaning up your diet. Avoid the following types of foods, which can all mess with your system when you're PMSing:
+ Salty foods
+ Spicy foods
+ Highly processed foods
+ Carbonated beverages
+ Caffeinated beverages
+ Fruit juice
+ Beans
Instead, make a point of eating foods that naturally fight bloating and tummy discomfort, like quinoa, parsley, grapes, pineapple, brown rice and sweet potatoes. Find more anti-bloating foods here!

Cut dairy out of your diet.

The hormones found in milk products can cause further fluctuation in a time of hormonal unbalance. Still need your ice cream fix? Try dairy alternatives like almond milk or coconut milk ice cream!

Get a little exercise.

Getting some movement in your day, especially something gentle on your hips and pelvis like a menstruation-specific yoga sequence, can help boost your mood and improve sleep.

Priobiotics, please!

Estrogen affects your body in a big way during your period. Your digestive system controls how well this hormone is metabolized, so it's vital to have a healthy digestive system when PMSing. Eat some non-dairy yogurt or drink kombucha to make sure you're getting enough probiotics, healthy bacteria that keep your gut in working order!

Buy a hot water bottle.

A heat patch or a hot water bottle applied to your abdomen can increase blood flow to this area, reducing cramping and pain.

Switch to natural feminine care products.

Some ladies report that after switching to all-natural products, their PMS symptoms lessened considerably. Some say that normal tampons contain chemicals that may be harmful to your health, but one thing is certain: they're terrible for the environment. Consider alternatives like sea sponge, reusable pads, bleach-free tampons, and the Diva Cup.

Drink a cup of herbal tea.

Herbal teas like raspberry leaf, feverfew, dong quai, chasteberry and guelder rose (aka “cramp bark”) can both relax you and ease your PMS symptoms.

Try herbal and vitamin supplements.

+ Chasteberry can help ease breast tenderness. (Note: Can interfere with birth control medications).
+ Chasteberry and St. John's wort can help reduce depression, anxiety, and those pesky cravings.
+ Calcium, magnesium and B6 vitamins can also help reduce symptoms. Try taking a daily multivitamin if you aren't already!

Take care of your skin.

PMS is primetime for breakouts. Whether they're caused by hormonal fluctuation or stress is up for debate, but you can combat both by enjoying a soothing home spa treatment! Mix up an all-natural facial mask, fill up the bathtub, and have a soothing soak. Guaranteed you'll feel a little better.
Inspired by HelloNatural's great article, which you can read for more info!

How do you deal with PMS symptoms?

Have you found any other natural remedies that work? Help a fellow girl out! ;D
Even a heating pad does wonders! And try to keep warm. The cold just makes you more tense and makes the cramps hurt more. And If you have a heavier flow, vitamin K works wonders. It helps with the coagulation of the blood which helps the regulation of it. And Vitamin K isn't really that common in our diets, so most people have a deficiency of it, and it's usually the cause of an excessively painful and heavier monthly cycle. Of course, some people just naturally have these, but there ARE ways to soothe it, even if Just by a little =/
I eat chocolate and drink caffeine stuff.I'll take these tips on s card.Also I'm trying to change my diet to more natural stuff.Kinda hard but I know I must and how much it'll change