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This song hits home with me hard, my last relationship was just like this song - except the gender is changed. My last boyfriend was very manipulative and selfish and self centered and was just like GOT7 explains the relationship. It was his way or nothing, and for a while I went with it because he was my 'first love' and my everything. I thought that I couldn't leave him because we were "meant to be".... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ugh, my feels have been hit with this song so hard.
When the guys are going after that punching bag and smashing that car!! OOOHH, I remember that feeling of utter frustration and hatred. Feeling like a fool, feeling trapped, but yet still in love with that IDIOT. I'm so glad that I got out of it. I'm so much happier now!!
And when I see them punching and beating the crap out of the car.... brings back memories....
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@AimeeH I'm STILL not loving Jackson's blonde hair tho....
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@danidee right!! omg. Like I had a hard time peeling my eyes off my screen whenever he ran across it... Marky JB, & Jr had me all in the feels..
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@AimeeH Omg yes, I forgot his English was so good. Once he started singing, I was like *__*
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Jr. Hit me right in the feels on this one
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