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What is it with Mondays and Januarys?
Why does the gym have to be so impossible the day after Sunday?
It's like EVERY MEMBER chooses that day to get into shape.
To make matters worse, EVERY FLAT BENCH AND CHEST PRESS is lined up with dudes that never show up Tuesday through Sunday. Only Mondays.
I should know better too. I mean, I make a point of going to the gym EARLY on Mondays to avoid the after-work circus. So, what was I expecting?!
The thing that just killed me was this minor standoff with another dude.
All I wanted to do was use the flat bench. Four sets of 12 reps. 60-second rest period in between. What is that, four, five minutes, tops?
There's a cluster of five or six meatheads yucking it up near the water fountain. I walked by, holding my breath, rolling my eyes, and all the while I'm damning them to hell for refusing to bathe before a workout.
Anyhow, I keep walking and spot ONLY ONE bench not in use and make my way over. Must be my lucky day,I think to myself.
After I get there I set my things down and as I'm about to pick up some dumbells this random dude approaches me. I say random because I don't know him, though, I do recognize him. He's one of the guys from the medical-grade stench group by the fountain.
He says, "Bro, I'm still using the bench."
"Really? Besides me, there's no one at this bench, until you walked up."
"Yeah, I still have a couple sets to go..."
"Most guys hang around the equipment they're using."
He kept mumbling about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and I walked away.
That's when I decided to do Tuesday's routing on Monday and bypass the idiocy running amok.
Chime in folks. I'm in the mood to bitch and need someone to commiserate with.
Ahh....I mean I love doing chest on Mondays aka International Chest Day! But yeah, I agree. I hate people who hog the bench for like fifteen minutes and they're usually that pissed me off.
Hahhahahaa!!!!! ewww lol. I totally understand the stinky people thing lol @marshalledgar
Ah I hate that. Yeah, on Monday's it's when the bros usually do upper body. Maybe because a lot of programs call for it. I usually just do legs on Mondays because that means I have the squat rack to myself. Also, guys usually give me a hard time with equipment shit. I usually get sassy and I get what I want. I know you can always ask if you work in so you can use the equipment/space with that person. That works sometimes.
yeah, I'd totally work in with him. I've done that before. it's just good manners. however, this guy reeked! 2 things that piss me off at the gym: stinky people and hogs.