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Hello fellow Fan girl's Well here we are again. Recently I have just gotten crushed by my crush. no I don't mean my Bias or ultimate bias but my actual in person crush. I know this post may upset some fans because I like many others agree that one can actually have a real crush and hence real feelings for a Kpop Singer or Korean actor. I am here to distinguish the difference between the IRL (in real life) crush and your bias/ Ultimate bias crush.

Your IRL crush has the potential to destroy you in person.

for example Fangirl: I like you and I have tried all I could to make you notice me

IRL BOY RESPONSE : I'm sorry I can't see you in that way and I know you like me but I don't.

... and when they walk away that is another real life heartbreak attached to your belt buckle.

But on the other hand your oppa will never say those things to you however they will be quick to rule out what there type is hence breaking even more hearts because indirectly they just rejected you somehow you will cry but you will still like him because he never really directly rejected you RIGHT!!!!

Your IRL crush kissing someone else makes you wanna cry ... eventually you end up crying ... or in my case sweating from my eyes.

well this one is a tough one even worse then getting a rejection is seeing them with someone other than youraelf. you'll beat yourself up endlessly about how pretty she is and how her hair is so much nicer then yours but then you manage to realize that she ain't all that and you end up being able to make fun of him and her at least to yourself or between friends that is.

On the other hand if you see your bias with someone it becomes a beating yourself up for a few days and some of us well it's like cry and cry and cry and then we're like be happy for oppa be nice to oppa gf and some of us well we aren't too nice.

but regardless of that your IRL one stays with you and will haunt you!!!

your bias crush will still remain your crush because technically he isn't married or anything like that. RIGHT!!!!

well for me those are the biggest differences

one is heart wrenching and I'll get over him I swear!!!

and the other is...

Get up dust yourself up you are his fan you support him and show him you ain't that giving up girl that is your man out there pouring his heart out in that song!!!

but at the end of the day you are allowed to cry for either situations because they both had a place in your heart and your heart is both home to your Fangirl and IRL heartache!!!

You Hit All The Right Spots In This Card! *Cries Uncontrollable*
@AnnahiZaragoza I'm glad someone feels the same way
Ugh this is too real :( I feel like because idols are so obviously unreachable our hearts are safer with them? real life crushes can actually hurt you, but are also the only things that can become real relationships. Stay strong ladies :''''(