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I've shot several lunar eclipse events in the past 10 years and last night was to have been a special treat - but alas the cruel weather gods of the otherwise ideal Southern California sky decided to bombard us with a thick cloud cover that obscured the moon during the majority of the event.
I shot with my Nikon D4s and Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED lens. I decided to go with a wide-angle lens - the goal was to create a wide time-lapse of the moon over the landscape.
The last full eclipse I shot with a 600mm lens. I've done the high-detail - up close thing before and wanted to try something with more of the land for scale.
I shot 320ISO - f/8 - and 20 second exposures with no noise reduction - I set the camera's internal intervolometer to a single frame every 30 seconds for 90 minutes.
As you will see if the sky had been clear I would have captured the moon going through the eclipse phases as it passed over the Santa Monica Mountain Range.
I ended up moving the camera and shooting long exposures of the cars as they drove up and down the road past me.
Those evil clouds!!! Still looks great anyway. I really like those shots where you could see the semi-eclipsed moon really clearly. Also, cool animation at the beginning! I would totally hire you! lol :D
This is so cool! I almost missed the moon last night (too much smog where I am) but this is making up for it ^_^