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Can I just say...Got Dang. Definitely different feel compering to JYP style. When boys appeared all in black I thought my heart going to stop. I almost cried, the emotions, you can feel them. Have to say Best GOT7 MV. Jackson. Boys all look so grown up. Like they say in one of the interviews that they want to change their concept like 2PM become Beast and they finally did it. Congrats boys you look sexy af.
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OMG when they appear in all black... STOP IT. @DetkaN I feel you girrrllll. I can't decide if Jackson or Yugyeom is hotter in this!!! @saraortiz2002 if that boy was pounding on my door like that, in that suit... he would not be waiting outside for very long. lol. XD But omg Jackson with the punching bag... All in all I really like this mv, I'm a total k-pop newbie so I haven't seen other Got7 mvs that much. What's like a good old style one i could compare to?
@allischaaff oh yes. but as always Markson are my fav. they debut with song Girls Girls Girls. Also Stop Stop it and latest besides this one was Just Right
Its just so..... ARRRGGGGHHHHHHH! WHY ISNT HE ADORABLE ANYMORE?! not complaining though...
Yesss @allischaaff! He's got a whole new perspective now...
I love it so much! it's been on repeat the whole day yesterday