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Coffee is my middle name, and thanks to National Coffee Day, I am going to be about 5 cups deep into caffeine. This just seems like the most appropriate way to celebrate National Coffee Day. The coffee culture in Latin America is huge. Typically, coffee is served after each meal -- even dinner! So it's totally normal to have a cup of strong Joe before we getting our snooze on.
And yes, I can drink coffee right before bed! (-__-)zzZ
Cuba is definitely known for its coffee. Here are four types of popular Cuban coffees you definitely need to have for this coffee holiday. Get caffeinated!!!!!!!!


This is the type of coffee you typically make for more than one person. It's for a group of friends or for family. My last roommate would make me a colada every morning -- she was basically the best. It's just a larger, more shareable version of a cafecito.


This is an espresso shot that's sweetened with sugar while it's brewed. And man, is it sweet! It packs a caffeine and sugary punch. It's sooooooo good! If you need to wake up fast, a caffecito should do it for you. Coffee doesn't do much for me anymore, but a shot of a cafecito can always get me HYPED!


This is a Cuban espresso shot that's brewed with sugar, then topped with steamed milk. If you want to to take something a bit more smoother than your cafecito, the milk in this will make it easier to drink.

Café Con Leche

This is similar to a cortadito, but it's not usually made with sugar. It's served with just the milk and espresso separately. You just pour the espresso into the milk. You should definitely have a side of Cuban toast to complete this Cuban coffee experience!

Drink up and caffeine the day away!

I think I need to look into opening a Cuban cafe in Boynton because I have yet to see one.
Cafecitos sound a lot like Arabic coffee. We boil together the grinds and some sugar in a kettle over the stove.
I forgot what's it called. but it's strong!
cafecito, cotadito, and cafe con leche....I love it! I also like some type of Puerto Rican coffee. I fo
I love Cuban coffee
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