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My anime/comic book club is going to a convention in the next few months and I have no idea who to cosplay but so far I only have two so far,so out of the two which?
Mei Tachibana(which I thought was going to be the reasonable priced one but I was wrong)
Or Tomoko Kuroni
I'm really into anime and wanted to be a female character or a female crossover version of a male one, so if anyone has any ideas please share (^^)"
@UrShawol Well if thats the case I would suggest Futaba from "Ao Haru Ride" which is pretty simple or Mio from "Nichijou". If you want something with a unique feature for all to notice, you can never go wrong with characters from "High school of the dead", although the weapons might be hard to get you can always make one with materials at home or buy a cheap similar toy and customize it.
I'm going to have to go with Mei. She's much cuter than annoying Tomoko. But I have to admit, this Tomoko cosplay is really cute.
ahhhh Mei! I absolutely love her!
definitely Mei Tachibana😍
I love the second one but the wig will be a lot harder to style than the first if you want the flip outs! I really like @RosePark s suggestion to try Futaba from Ao haru!!! but if you want one of these, id say choose what fits your budget best but make sure to include the wig!!
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